Replicated Reality

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Developed for both General Education and Special Education Teachers to use in their classrooms.

Replicated Reality is a comprehensive system capable of bringing real-world experiences into any classroom through a fun, safe, fully customizable platform. The program explores money management, career awareness and exploration, financial decision making and social-emotional learning opportunities in a fun, safe classroom environment.

The platform itself can create a custom look and feel for any agelevel from kindergarten all the way up to college level and implemented in a variety of ways.  If you are looking to set up a micro-society in your school or classroom – this is the perfect tool for you!





Online Banking

In our Online Banking module, each student is given a savings account and a spending account.  Modeled after today’s online banking apps, students have the ability to check their balances, update their direct deposit settings, transfer money and more.

Students can also set up savings goals for anything they may want to save for.  These savings goals can grow by manual transfers or through automated direct deposit.


Your students are able to apply for jobs that you create – through a modern online application process.

The teacher portal allows you to easily manage job boards, applications, interview scheduling and more.

The best part – once a student starts a job, payroll is automatically handled through direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Real Estate

Doubling as a seating chart and rental process, the real estate module introduces the students to the Leasing Process.
Through the leasing process, students can choose where they would like to “live” and complete the leasing process similar to renting a real apartment or house.

Leasing desks can also provide a student with their own physical address in their classroom.  This address could be used school-wide to open up a postal service or online order fulfillment for a school store.

Virtual Store

The built in virtual store offers an immediate reward for your student.  It also offers the opportunity to present responsible financial decisions regarding needs versus wants.

What is sold at the virtual store?  Each student starts their experience with a virtual home.  In the store, they can buy new rooms to add on to this home as well as furniture and decoration to create a world as unique as they are to share with their friends.

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