Vocational Implications of Personality (VIP)

The VIP comprehensive Cloud-based assessment identifies one’s distinct personality type and helps determine career paths for that individual to pursue.  It also develops awareness of interpersonal strengths as well as one’s working and learning styles.  

Vocational Implications of Personality (V.I.P.)

Personality plays an important role in determining future success and satisfaction in the workplace. The highly rated VIP comprehensive assessment identifies an individuals distinct personality type, and helps determine the best lifetime career path for that individual to follow.

VIP Helps individuals make the right choice in career selection. This great program also comes in both English and Spanish versions. Both versions come with audio capabilities to help low level readers.

V.I.P. measures 4 major factors of personality. How we process information, how we make decisions, are we inwardly or outwardly directed, and are we open or decisive
Vocational Implication of Personality (V.I.P.) online assessment screen shot. Question 1: If you walked into a classroom for the first time, would you: 1. Talk to someone at once, 2. wait for someone to talk to you, or 3. Take some time and talk to someone
Sample Assessment Screens of the Vocational Implications of Personality Assessment
Vocational Implication of Personality (V.I.P.) online assessment screen. Question 4: Would your friends and teachers say that you 1. like things arranged ahead of time, 2. like to go with the flow, or 3. are good at planning?

Pricing & Options

Need a classroom copy?  We offer the assessments in packages of 30, 100,  and classroom subscriptions

Single Assessment
This single assessment allows for the administration of one assessment.  Once started, the assessment will remain available for 30 days
$12.95 per assessment

Bulk Assessments (30 Pack)
$358.50 ($30.00 savings)

Bulk Assessment (100 Pack)
$795.00 ($500.00 savings)

Classroom / School Subscription Packages
Our subscription packages offer the most flexible solutions for your learning environment.  Unlimited assessments,  year-to-year reporting, and an easy-to-use dashboard keeps all your assessments in one place and easy to find.

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