Waypoint SCP

An assessment driven transition planning software for school to career progression monitoring, reporting, and guidance

Waypoint SCP - Assessments, Job Matching, Portfolio


Transition Progress Monitoring

  • Waypoint meets the requirements of Indicator 13 as well as state and federal transition planning by utilizing yearly checklists to monitor, plan & document a student’s transition progress
  • An automated transition summary and due process transition checklist is included and can be stored within the Waypoint document management system.

Detailed Student Reports

Waypoint offers detailed real-time comprehensive reporting. These reports can be used for IEPs, tranistion planning, academic planning as well as meeting the career education intiatives

Student Assessments

3 student assessments are included with the Waypoint system.  

  • TAP – Functional skills aptitude assessment.  The TAP consists of 10 hands-on tests to give a solid pictures of the student’s functional skills in a variety of areas.

  • PIC – Online video-based work interest assessment. 

  • VIP – Online work personality to give insight of vocational suitability based on personality and operational traits.

All assessment results are loaded into the Waypoint career planning software to be used for job matching and year-to-year progress monitoring.



Waypoint SCP is currently sold for schoolwide or district-wide use for general and special-ed populations.  Please contact us today for a personalized quote that will best meet your school needs and programs.  You may enter your information below or call us at 1-844-869-1516 for more information.  Not quite sure, yet – check out our free demo program to help you decide.

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