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Skills BTS

Why developing life skills is so important for developing minds

Kids who graduate lacking basic life skills are still being set up to fail in real-world situations like budgeting or choosing a career.

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Connections BTS

Ways to encourage more peer connections in the classroom

Relationships with their peers play a pivotal role in how students perceive and appreciate school, and shape how they develop as they progress through adolescence and into adulthood.

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Unruly BTS

How to manage an unruly classroom

Teaching can be a very challenging. Grading, paperwork, planning and communicating with parents can be mentally and physically draining. But the biggest challenge of all is managing an unruly classro…

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Smooth Lead

Tips to help make back to school go smoothly

The first five weeks of your classroom life are instrumental in the way the rest of the year plays out. Here are some thought-starters to help you get your year off on the right foot.

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KKO Lead

How to keep your kids occupied over the summer

With no school, the social element that plays such a crucial role in a child’s development often falls by the wayside. Ennui can lead to lethargy and have a negative impact on both your child’s physi…

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College 800x450

How parents can help their kids get ready for college

The epic moment has finally arrived. All those years of grade school and secondary school have culminated in the biggest event in your child’s learning life – the transition to college

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Funding for tech

How to get additional funding for technology resources in your school

The US is facing a record $31+ trillion in national debt and schools are struggling to update their technology infrastructure. Explore grants to help prepare your children for the future!

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Financial literacy

Doing the math on financial literacy in schools

With the after-effects of the pandemic, financial literacy is the best tool for preparing young adults for life after school. Snow Cloud’s Replicated Reality platform provides hands-on learning to br…

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Career assessment solutions that work

The push for students to go to college before embarking on their careers is huge — but the wrong kind of exploration can lead to crippling student debt. How can we help kids and families avoid this?

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