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Making life skills learning fun and friendly

We understand that when families require a special needs” approach to life-skills learning, a one-size-fits-all approach never works. That’s why our platform has been specially developed to support and empower Individual Education Plans (IEP) with customizable solutions. We also put a greater emphasis on social and emotional learning – internal coping mechanisms that play an astronomically important role in your child’s future potential.

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How we help families

Family 3

Universal design

Simple, intuitive platform is very accessible for special needs students.

Family 2

Cloud-nine learning

Snow Cloud makes life-skills-learning fun, interactive and rewarding.

Family 1

Learning meets parenting

Teaches children financial literacy in school instead of around the dinner table!

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Replicated reality

A comprehensive life-skills platform based on universal design principles that special needs students simply get” so they can get more out of it.

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