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Keep it Familiar with Integrated School IDs


The Hands-on component of Replicated Reality Phase II will take the online program to a whole new level.  We are offering all the tools, forms, signage, etc. needed by schools to set up 4 on-site work opportunities that will integrate and enhance the Replicated Reality experience: a Bank Branch, a Post Office Branch, a Career Center Branch, and a School Store.  Each of these work opportunities are meant to be student-run, with full semester-long curriculum to meet academic, financial literacy, and CTE initiative goals for your students.

These onsite branches and retail spots also work with the Replicated Reality system as a whole to provide consumer opportunities to ALL students in your school.

School ID Integration

As part of the overall integration of all systems, we have made the students’ school ID the key component to it all.  The school ID will work at all on-site locations and will link the students to their Replicated Reality accounts, acting as a debit card, an employee ID for clocking in/out, and more.  In the event that a school does not have school IDs in place already, we can provide them with IDs or an alternative “key” to the system.

Why is School ID Integration Important?

Using student school IDs is an important factor to this program and for the overall student experience.  By integrating school IDs into the every day use of the program, schools have the opportunity to:

Replicated Reality | School ID Integration

Develop familiarity with the program
By using a system already in place at the school, the program can integrate more easily with the goals and visions of students and teachers.

Streamline the everyday processes of the hands-on components
By integrating student ID card swipes to access hands-on services, we do not need students to log in to the Replicated Reality account manually every time they use the hands-on components.

Enable younger students to access the hands-on resources without needing advanced online capabilities
Some of the online functions of Replicated Reality may be too advanced for an elementary school’s younger learners, such as the online banking and jobs module.  By using student ID based services, younger students can still participate in the hands-on activities while doing more of the base concept learning in the classroom.  For instance, an in-classroom behavior chart may result in “money reward” that a teacher would add to a student’s bank account.  The student could then utilize their debit card to purchase items in the store for a full token PBIS reward.

Provides integrated technology and concepts for your earliest learners
As students venture out into the world around them, they will encounter everyday technologies for the first time, such as POS card readers or PIN-based bank account access.  The earlier a student can be introduced to and become familiar with these technologies, the easier transition into the “real-world” becomes.