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Jobs Module Provides All The Tools For Employment and Hiring


Through custom job boards, online application processes, and networking, our jobs module makes setting up classroom jobs and career exploration a breeze. The flexibility of the system lends itself to any curriculum, from practical life skills education to a supplemental social studies activity that teaches what life was like during the industrial age. Outside the classroom, our jobs module can be used for managing club activities and school government.

Online Job Application

Students can apply for jobs online using customized job boards that are specific to their class or school. Once the application is submitted, the system notifies the hiring teacher to move the application to the next part of the process. Teachers can request and hold face-to-face interviews, send the application back for review, or hire / decline an application.

Automated Payroll

Once hired, the student is enrolled in our fully automated direct-deposit payroll system. Working in conjunction with our banking module, payroll is deposited in the student account(s) on pay day. Pay day and pay cycles are fully customizable by teachers to meet your needs.

Job Flexibility and Networking

How you work jobs in your school and/or classroom is completely up to you! We provide the tools to help you develop the best possible employment process for your school and your students, including job types, job change frequency, pay cycles, and salaries.
When a student leaves a job, they have the ability to self-evaluate their performance and interest in the job. They can also recommend or endorse a classmate for the job. These are great tools to promote self-reflection, critical thinking, and community networking.