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Mail Delivery System and Hands-On School Post Office Branch


Replicated Reality offers a full mail delivery system, complete with a post office, in order to help students understand the world of shipping goods, learn communication skills, and experience an on-site work environment.   In addition to being fun, students are given the opportunity to learn responsibility, accountability, communication in a workplace setting, problem-solving, and so much more in the onsite workplace.

By working together with our online program, schools are set up with a school map and naming schema.  Basically, a school will decide on “street names” for each hallway or section of school. 

Each classroom receives a full street address, with the classroom number becoming the street number.  This would become the basis of our mail delivery system.  Taking it one step further, student seat assignments can provide a “Unit Number” – almost like an apartment – giving each student a unique school address for them to use.

Replicated Reality | Mail Delivery

Mail Delivery Offers:

All students can use the mail delivery system to mail letters, send fundraiser gifts, or even order packages online.  Just like the real world – students will need to know their own address as well as the addresses of students they would like to send to. Mimicking the real-world, letters require stamps, and packages have shipping costs.  For the older students working as mail carriers, we provide everything they need to sort and deliver student mail easily and on-time – from mail sorting, shipping labels, carrier bags and training!

To minimize instruction interruption, we also provide classroom mailboxes which can sit outside the classroom until a teacher is ready to distribute mail to his or her students.  Mail time can become an exciting and highly anticipated time of day when students receive letters and packages from teachers and other students.

Advantages of a Local Post Office Branch

Setting up a school mail delivery system and local post office branch enables students the opportunity to explore the world around them by connecting to others through a small-scale delivery and shipping service.  A love of personal correspondence through hand-written traditional means can be re-established and a deeper understanding of today’s reliance on global shipping can be attained.  A few of the added benefits and advantages to the mail delivery system are included below:

Career Tech Education
A local post office branch will give older students the opportunity to experience an on-site job, including an entire application and interview process. This experience offers valuable skill building in basic career skills and communication

Community Awareness
A school post office offers students the opportunity to engage with a community staple, familiarizing them to the local post office branch and some of the services provided.

Global Perspective of Today’s Online Order Fulfillment Model
In today’s world, the idea of ordering items online and having them delivered to their door is everywhere.  By implementing online ordering from the school store through our online portal along with the school mail delivery system for delivery, students can begin to gain an understanding and appreciation of the processes that make that happen.

Social Emotional Learning
Just like our bank branch, student employees are given training and tools to handle customers and the everyday stressors of being a post office worker.  Throughout their shift, they are given opportunity to use this information to communicate, problem-solve, manage time and stress while staying professional.  In addition to the post office as a workplace, our mail services curriculum looks at personal communication through traditional means.  Just like social media, students are encouraged to communicate kindly and in ways that can brighten a friend’s day.
The art of letter writing and receiving has its own social emotional benefits by promoting mindfulness, self-reflection, and expression.

Personal Connections
A mail delivery system provides another channel for positive communication and connectedness for student-to-student and student-to-teacher.  

Writing, Creativity, Handwriting – Additional Value to Existing Assignments
Incorporating a mail delivery system into traditional writing assignments (i.e. creating a “pen-pal” program, self-reflecting journal – write a letter to future you, etc.) can add further engagement with the assignment as well as promoting the art of letter writing. 

What's Included?

Our Hands-On Post Office package includes everything you need to set up a post office branch.  As part of the initial purchase, we will even come to your site to help you get everything up and running smoothly!  The post office branch includes:

Custom Post Office Signage Including Your School Logo
With each branch, you will have the option for a stand-up or hanging banner branded with your school logo to seamlessly integrate with your school.  These signs are sure to assist students in identifying the new school service you are offering as well as encourage school spirit and a sense of ownership to the newly implemented school community space.

Handheld Barcode Scanner
Each package shipped (either online store fulfillment, or packages brought to the post office) will be given a shipping label with a barcode.  These packages can be tracked though our online portal. This barcode scanner makes the processing of packages fun and easy for student employees.

Shipping Labels
Initial shipment includes two rolls of shipping labels for your first 250 package shipments.  Re-orders are available at any time.

Basic Card Readers
Our initial package includes 1 basic card reader that will slide student IDs, just like debit cards.  Once read, students can enter their PIN for secure access to purchase shipping items such as stamps and pay for shipping fees. Additional items could be added to the post office like envelopes or stationery.

Cash Box
Post office workers will work out of the provided cash box when working their shift for sales of shipping products and services.  Just like real workers in retail, they will practice counting the money at the beginning of their shift and counting again when “closing out” their drawer.

Replicated Reality stamps can be bought in books or sheets (6 to a sheet) for sending letters.  Initial package includes 10 books, and additional stamps can be ordered at any time.

Mail Sorter
For sorting incoming / outgoing mail, this 36-compartment mail sorter provides post office workers the ability to sort mail by classroom

Mail Bags
Our initial package includes 3 cross-body courier bags for students to use while delivering mail.

Mail Drop Bin
The mail drop bin is a large, wheeled basket to use when collecting incoming mail and packages for sorting.

Classroom Mailboxes
Our initial package includes 20 classroom mailboxes, either wall mounted or free standing, to place outside of the classroom for mail delivery.  The classroom mailbox enables teachers to control when mail time will occur in their classroom, minimizing interruption to instruction time.

Post Office / Shipping Educational Brochures
Eight high-quality glossy trifold brochures that include titles such as “What is a Post Office?”, “Do’s and Don’ts of Mail Security”, “History of Stamps”, and “How Do Those Packages Get Here So Fast?” will provide schools with supplemental materials to the Replicated Reality curriculum.  By offering these brochures for both upper and lower elementary grades, there will be educational resources fit for all post office customers.

Brochure Displays
Simple counter brochure display stands will make set up and offering of the brochure resources easy and effective.  These eight-slot stands conveniently hold all brochures offered in the package, making them readily available to post office customers.

Post Office Forms
Service forms such as change of address, hold mail, forward mail, package pick-up and more will aid in creating real-world educational experiences within the post office branch. We’ve even included custom Welcome postcards for the first feel-good delivery. For post office employees, we’ve included the before and after shift money counting forms to add an understanding of responsibility and accountability in the workplace.