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Promo Partner Program

Replicated Reality | Promo Partner Program

Snow Cloud Productions is proud to offer a Promo Partner Program for our upcoming Phase II release of Replicated Reality.  This release of the program marks its transition from a platform offering basic tools to a full turn-key program and curriculum that can be used in classrooms to bring lessons to life, school-wide as a comprehensive PBIS, or offered as a full elective course preparing students for college, career, and life.  However the program will be used in your school, we would like to highlight you as an innovative frontrunner in education by making your school a showcase school and supporting your students’ overall success.  Welcome to the BIG PICTURE classroom!


As a new product on the market, the purpose of the Promo Partner Program is to gauge best practices and gain insight from those who matter most – the frontline educators and their students.  The initial stage of the program was released two years ago – and through that release we have received a significant amount of feedback that has helped and guided this upcoming release.  Your opinion matters as we are here to support YOU and create the best product to meet your needs and the needs of the students.

The second purpose of this program is to create showcase schools across the country. A showcase school is a VIP school that we partner with to ensure the best possible implementation of the program, the most dedicated support, and all the bells and whistles the program has to offer.  As a showcase school, you will be highlighted for your initiatives in financial literacy, SEL, career readiness, and student preparation for life.  Your efforts will be featured in our marketing campaigns and your progress will be monitored to ensure efficacy of the program itself.


During the 2-year program, our goal is to help your school:

In addition to goals for our partners, we have specific goals for the future of the program, which are to:

Program Offerings
Our Commitment To You

During the first 2 years of the program, your school will receive up to 85% off the retail price of the program. After the initial 2 years, you will be offered a continued discounted renewal rate for the lifetime of your subscription.

As a showcase school, we will support you and your staff every step of the way, which begins with implementation and training.  Upon release, during Summer of 2022, our implementation team will come to your school to set up and customize the program, help set up the worksites, and provide thorough training to your staff. 

You will have a direct link to a dedicated support manager to help you with any kind of questions, issues, or needs that might arise.

In addition to the initial implementation and training, our team will conduct two 2-day onsite visits each year.  The main purpose of these visits will be to conduct promo sessions for our marketing campaigns (video, photos, testimonies, etc.).  During these visits, we will also dedicate some time to provide information, additional training, or anything else you may need while we are onsite.
During these onsite visits, we are committed to respecting your schedule as well as the learning environment at your school.  The visits will be planned well in advance, and we will work with you to create these promo sessions in the least obtrusive ways possible. 

All terms of the program will continue for 2 years (2022 – 2024).  After the 2-year program, you will graduate into our VIP for Life Program for continued benefits and discounts.

At the end of the 2-year program, it is our hope that you will want to continue on with the program.  At that time, your VIP for Life renewal rate will go into effect.  This rate will continue for the lifetime of your school’s continuous subscription. 

Your Commitment to Us

As a showcase school, your commitment to excellence in your Financial Literacy, SEL, CTE, and student success initiatives will shine brighter than ever before through the use of Replicated Reality.  

Your school and staff availability is critical for us all to meet our goal.  Primary availability would mean one week over the first summer (2022) for implementation and training, and (2) 2-day onsite visits each year for promotional sessions.  The promotional sessions will vary and be planned far enough in advance to minimize learning disruption.

Through videos, photographs, and published testimony, we plan to make your school a star!  To do this, you must be willing to provide media releases for any student, staff, or faculty that takes part in our promotional sessions and agree to the publishing terms of any testimony or feedback surveys submitted.

All terms of the program will continue for 2 years (2022 – 2024).  After the 2-year program, you will graduate into our VIP for Life Program for continued benefits and discounts.

The program in its entirety is being offered to our VIP Promo Partners at a deeply discounted rate.  With that being said, there is still a cost and purchase commitment that our showcase schools must make.  This fee will vary depending on your school’s needs and the implementation.  A quote will be included in the initial partner offer.  Although costs for each partner will vary, the initial fee for the 2-year program is expected to be an average between $18k to $25k*.

* This average takes into consideration a school size of 800 students, 35 faculty and staff, and all 4 hands-on worksites for two years and includes training and all onsite visits.  Program cost will vary based on enrollment, staff, and implementation.

As part of this program, we will be conducting research into the efficacy of the program in a school environment.  The research will be based on tools built-in to the program, such as pre- and post- tests, supplemental surveys, and student progress.  All information will be captured securely and de-identified for research purposes*.  In addition to your research participation, your district may include up to 2 similar schools for benchmark comparison.  Comparison schools will then become eligible to adopt the program at the end of the 2-year commitment at the VIP for Life discounted rates.

*Any personal or specific information gathered in the study is subject to our privacy agreement and will not be used for any purposes outside the efficacy study.

What's Included?

As a promo partner, you will be able to pick and choose which elements of the Replicated Reality program works best with your students and your school’s goals.  All curriculum is aligned with national standards in academics, personal finance, and SEL, and follow the national initiatives for college and career readiness.  All tools are accessible and optimized for inclusive face-to-face, virtual, hybrid, and hy-flex classrooms.  All tools and curriculum work together to build an engaging foundational platform to integrate valuable real-world skills into your students’ everyday lives.

Tools & Features

Sound Interesting?

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