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Real Estate Module and Bill Pay Center Gives Unlimited Bill Paying Opportunity

Replicated Reality | Sample Invoice
Sample Invoice from our custom and automatic system for generating custom bill invoices

Replicated Reality’s Real Estate module gives the ability to turn your classroom seating chart into a rental complex. Students can lease their desks for an amount of your choosing and be automatically billed each month. This function introduces students to the idea of contractual agreements, income qualification, pet fees, and more.

Between the real estate module and our Bill Pay Center, students dive into fiscal responsibility (and accountability) while navigating needs vs. wants in spending and budgeting.

Online Leasing Application

Students apply for their rental property (their desk) online through our rental process. They can choose a seat based on price, description, location, or any number of factors. Teachers have the flexibility to customize this process as much or as little as they desire based on their specific needs.

Automated Invoicing
and Auto-Pay

Replicated Reality | Bill Pay

Teachers have the ability to create custom bills – both one-time and recurring bills. This can include unique company names and even company logos. When a bill is assigned to a student, the system automatically creates an invoice for the student to manage and pay in their own bill pay center. This model provides the flexibility to work with any curriculum or program used in the classroom, and provides opportunity to dive into the needs vs. wants in financial decision making.

Unique Physical Address for Every Student

Each classroom can be given a street address and each desk a number. Based on this address information, each student then has their own unique physical address that can be used for a number of creative innovations within your school. From a physical school store with online fulfillment to a mail system – the address created in Replicated Reality gives students the opportunity to manage an address while keeping privacy intact.