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Complement your classroom with Snow Cloud

Teachers are the greatest multi-taskers on the planet. You’re educators and arbitrators, subject matter experts and expected to continuously learn new teaching techniques. Let Snow Cloud take some of the weight off your shoulders with turnkey programs that help prepare your students for life after graduation.

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How we help teachers

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our intuitive user experience makes onboarding virtually effortless.

Made for fun

Made for classroom fun

Your students will love every Snow Cloud moment.

Supports cirriculum

Supports your curriculum

Teaches kids financial literacy, job literacy, real estate literacy and more.

Replicated Reality Logo

Replicated reality

Students learn priceless life skills such as how to open a bank account, how to apply for a job, how to budget to buy a home and much, much more. 

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Replicated reality

Personality assessment

An ingenious program that gives students insights into their personality type and what career fields match best with their interests and intellect.

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Personality assessment

Career assessment

Students watch short, powerful videos on a variety of 100+ careers and learn what career choices they’re reacting most favorably toward.

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Career assessment


WayPoint system

A robust, all-in-one career assessment platform that harmonizes our VIP and PIC products.

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