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Get your students on the right career path 

What do your students dream of becoming?

And how many of them will fulfill that dream? PIC Career Assessment puts them on the path to discovering how their career dreams stack up against their individual strengths and weaknesses.

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3 reasons teachers love PIC



Video format enables learning for non-reading populations.



With 119 careers covered, there’s enough intrigue for everyone.



You can print out a report for kids to share with their parents.

Live-action videos

The PIC Career Assessment program provides an overview of a variety of career choices through live-action videos that showcase real work situations.

The videos are fun, engaging and, most importantly, educate your students on what each career area involves.

Live action videos

How it works

10-second video clips showcase the different work environments. As a video-based format, PIC is inclusive to non-reading populations.

After watching the videos, the platform identifies how your students feel about different types of work and working environments and matches them with realistic careers that they will find enjoyable and rewarding.

How it works

Assessment levels

PIC features two levels of assessment, which can be selected individually based on each student’s needs. Students have the freedom to stop and resume their assessments at any time.

Group One: Includes 119 videos which are rated on a five-point color-coded scale. It also includes 11 stated interest questions where the student’s cognitive response is recorded and matched to the effective response.

Group Two: Includes 119 videos which are rated on a three-point color-coded scale.

Assessment levels

Summary report

A summary report is then generated for each assessment that students can then share with their parents. The summary report contains:

  • A list of all 17 career clusters in order of interest
  • Summary of top three career clusters
  • Career match suggestions with links to external resources to learn more about their preferred professions
  • Indicator of affective and cognitive domain matches*
  • Indicator and summary of stated interest preferences*

*Only available in Group Two reports

Summary report

Career paths

PIC covers all of today’s (and tomorrow’s!) key career areas.

  • Agriculture
  • Business/​administrative
  • Business/​data processing
  • Communication arts/​graphics
  • Electrical/​electronics
  • Engineering technology
  • Environmental services
  • Food services
  • Health services
  • Industrial (construction)
  • Industrial (mechanical)
  • Industrial (metal trades)
  • Protective services
  • Science/​laboratory
  • Services (barber/​cosmetology)
  • Services (personal)
  • Career paths
  • Inclusive
  • Summary report
  • How it works


Next-generation cloud-based education tools at an incredible value.

Single assessment

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