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The greatest gift you can give your students is the foundation for a lifetime of success. The career they chose factors greatly into their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

VIP helps transport them to their ideal future by matching their personality type with the career paths ideally suited to their skills and interests.

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3 reasons teachers love VIP


Smiles all around

An entertaining class activity you can all do together.



Provides students with valuable insights into the career areas where they will excel.



Gives you greater insights into your students’ personality traits, too.

Matches personality with career paths

VIP is a cloud-based online personality assessment tool that gives you and your students insights into the career options they will find the most rewarding and fulfilling. The program assesses how your students process information, how they make decisions, whether they are inwardly or outwardly directed, whether they are decisive or indecisive and how they are potentially suited to a wide variety of job fields.

Live action videos

Get answers in 20 minutes or less

Beyond career aptitude, VIP also provides eye-opening awareness into their interpersonal strengths as well as their working and learning styles. The program only takes about 20 minutes to complete, and the student gets a summary report that highlights their overall personality type and occupational suggestions based on the results.

How it works

VIP includes

  • Adult and student versions
  • English and Spanish versions
Assessment levels


Next-generation cloud-based education tools at an incredible value.

Single assessment

1 teacher/​admin license  Administrative dashboard  Report access for 30-days


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