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Where there’s a will there’s a way

Your students zeroing in on what they want to do when they grow up is one of the most fundamental building blocks as they transition into adulthood.

Unfortunately, traditional education systems don’t stress this important matter enough. You test, grade and fill out report cards identifying what they’re good at but there’s very little focus on how those skills can be adapted to the real world.

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3 reasons teachers love WayPoint



All the tools you need to take your students to career enlightenment.



All three Snow Cloud career assessment tools, all in one place.


Hands-on support

We provide a 3‑day onsite training session when you sign up.

Pointing your students in the right direction

WayPoint is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that brings our highly successful portfolio of career assessment programs together into a single package that prepares your students for their future careers.

The WayPoint program features three ways of conducting career assessments by measuring interest, aptitude and suitability.

The results are realistic career choices that will enable your students to live fulfilled and on their individual paths to greatness. WayPoint even identifies potential employers in your area likely to hire for their preferred careers.

Live action videos

Three career-making tools in one powerful platform

TAP: Consists of 10 written tests that shine a light on the student’s top skills and how their aptitude is suited to particular career areas.

PIC: A package of over 100 short videos that highlight different career options and measures how students react to highlight their preferred career paths.

VIP: A personality assessment that digs deep to uncover what careers your students are most attuned to based on their unique personality traits.

How it works

Progress monitoring

All the assessment results are logged on WayPoint to be used for job matching and year-to-year progress monitoring.

WayPoint meets the requirements of Indicator 13 and provides the tools and reminders to meet the requirements of Indicator 14. Summaries and checklists are stored and shared in the WayPoint document management system in realtime.

Assessment levels

Detailed reports

Enjoy detailed reports on the WayPoint system: overall transition summary reports, customizable transition checklists, customizable requirements checklists and assessment reports.

These reports can be used for IEPs, transition planning and academic planning as well as your career education initiatives.

Summary report

Annual subscription includes

  • Customizable WayPoint portal
  • Site admin licenses (min 2)
  • Instructor licenses (min 5)
  • Student licenses (min 200)
  • WayPoint career planner
  • WayPoint career search
  • Online career interest inventory
  • Online personality assessment
  • Hands-on functional aptitude assessment system (TAP)
  • 3‑day onsite training (up to 10 participants)
  • Admin/​tech support
  • Setup
Career paths


Next-generation cloud-based education tools at an incredible value.

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