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Terms of Service

Services Covered

The following is the standard subscription terms of service and covers all of Snow Cloud Production subscription-based products that are hosted on our servers. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Replicated Reality Annual Subscriptions 
  • WayPoint System Annual Subscriptions 
  • PIC Pathfinder Annual Subscriptions 
  • VIP Assessment Annual Subscriptions 
  • PICPathfinder Bulk Assessment Purchase (*) 
  • VIP Assessment Bulk Assessment Purchase (*) 

(*) Bulk Assessment Purchases include a slightly different service term and do not automatically renew. Because they are accessed on our servers, they remain as services that are covered by these terms of service. 

Upon Purchase & Renewal 


We accept credit cards, ACH Transfer, check, or net-30 purchase order for our subscription services. Payment is due within 30 days of purchase. For all purchases where payment is not complete at time of purchase, we will send an invoice to the email used to purchase. Full payment is due on this invoice within 30 days of receipt. Payment instructions are included with invoice. 

Purchase Contract

When purchasing any of our subscription products, you agree to our terms of service. This document becomes your purchase contract and a copy of your contract is mailed to you upon initial purchase and is available on our website under Your Account”. You can also request a copy at any time via email at support@​snowcloudproductions.​com.

Set Up / Access 

We understand that most times in our industry the person doing the purchasing is not necessarily the person who will be using the product. Therefore, the customer is responsible for providing the name, email, and phone number of the primary user for any subscription access. Once this information is provided, account activation will be completed within 2 business days. Customers do have the option to delay activation (thus delaying the start of the subscription term) by notifying us in writing of the preferred activation date. 

For products that have training included, activation will take place at the time of training, unless otherwise noted or requested. 


All credit card renewals are set up as automatic and our payment processing system will attempt to charge the credit card on file on the date of renewal. If payment fails, our payment system will notify the customer and attempt to charge the card 3, 5 and 7 days later until a successful payment can be obtained. 

All manual renewals will be notified 60 and 30 days prior to the renewal date on file. If no payment has been made by the renewal date, access to the services will be suspended for all users until payment is made. If no payment has been made by 60 days past due, the subscription will be terminated and all data will be permanently removed from the account. 

Using the Programs 

Who Owns What? 

As a subscriber to any of our cloud-based products, the product itself remains the sole property of Snow Cloud Productions – including any intellectual properties, copyright and software. At the end of your licensed subscription time period, you no longer will have access or rights to the program or its tools and resources. 

You, as the customer, do retain control and ownership of all data, images, information, and resources that you upload or add to the system as part of your subscription. This could include, but is not limited to, user data, uploaded images, logos, lesson plans – anything that was provided by you for use or customization as part of your subscription. 

Can We Share Logins or Licenses? 

No. To maintain the integrity and security of our programs, it is important that everyone using the program has their own license and log in credentials. Most of our programs store personal data about students and other users that are secured primarily by log in credentials and user roles. By sharing this information, not only would security of the program be affected, but FERPA compliance may be put at risk. 

If you have unused licenses, you can only use them within your own school or district as defined in your subscription. You cannot share these licenses with another school or entity. For example, if a subscription has a minimum student license and you do not have that number of students in your school, you cannot offer another school or entity use of those licenses. 

Support & Training 

We offer technical support for all of our programs and users. For school or district-wide subscriptions, we do ask that each of our customers identify a program administrator at your site to handle basic issues prior to escalating issues to the Snow Cloud support team. Not only does this provide a single point of contact to our support staff to streamline the assistance process, but it also helps maintain security for your personal data by keeping access to your data at your site. 

Many of our subscriptions come with initial training and we offer additional training for all of our programs. These training services are offered onsite or online. For all training sessions, we will make every effort to accommodate a convenient schedule for your participants. For online training, we will conduct training through an instructor-led, 3rd-Party video conferencing software, GoToMeeting. This software is compatible with all modern computer systems. 

Upgrades & Add-Ons 

If at any time you would like to upgrade your account to include additional licenses, modules, or anything that would increase the subscription price – you are free to do so. When upgrading during a subscription term, the amount due at the time of purchase will be the pro-rated amount for the remainder of the term. The full amount of the upgrade will be added to your renewal amount and charged at the time of renewal. 

One-time purchase add-ons such as training or physical parts may be purchased at any time and will be charged the full price of the purchase. No amount will be added to the renewal price. 

Privacy & Confidentiality 

All of your data is secured and handled in compliance with FERPA guidelines. All personally identifiable data is accessible only to: 1) you (the customer), 2) our technical and billing team as needed to assist you. We do not share or sell your data in any way. We do use de-identified data generated from our programs for research to improve and enhance our future programs. 

In order to keep your information and our programs safe, we ask you to join us in protecting the privacy of your data. Keep your passwords strong and private. Do not give access to the program to unauthorized users. Log out of the programs when you are not actively using them. These actions will help protect your data as well as the integrity of our programs. 

For full privacy information, visit our privacy policy page. 

Subscription Termination

How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 

You may cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, you must notify us in writing at least 30 days prior to your renewal date. To cancel your subscription, please do one of the following: 

On our website, click Cancel Subscription” on your Account Page to notify us. 

Email us at support@​snowcloudproductions.​com with your request. Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, and subscription to cancel. 

Please note that cancelling your subscription will only cancel future renewals. No refunds for your current subscription period will be issued and access to your current subscription will remain intact until your next renewal date. 

Can My Account be Terminated by Snow Cloud? 

Snow Cloud Productions can terminate your account at any time for the following reasons: 1) Failure to pay as required, and 2) Suspected behavior in breach of these terms of service. If your account is terminated by Snow Cloud Productions, you will be provided notification as to why it was terminated and what can be done to remedy the termination. All data will be kept for 60 days while issues are being remedied (if possible). Appeals to account terminations should be sent to support@​snowcloudproductions.​com

Contact Information

Any questions about your purchase contract, our privacy policy, or terms of service should be directed to: 

Lori Groos
Phillips Parkway Dr. S
Jacksonville, FL 32256