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Virtual Store and World Builder Creates Built-In Rewards

Replicated Reality | Virtual Store

Replicated Reality’s Virtual Store and World Builder ties all the modules together. Whether you are using Replicated Reality as a behavioral support intervention or a hands-on engagement tool for real-world transition, this module serves the critical purpose of providing reward and/or teaching wants-based spending.

Virtual Store and World Builder

The store and world builder gives students control over their financial decision making and offers a tool to entice and engage students. Students have the opportunity to manage need-based spending through real estate and bills, but here students can buy items to build their own virtual world. From rooms to add on to their house, décor, furniture, avatars, and pets, students have a wide variety of options to express their own creativity AND practice wants-based spending.

Critical Thinking

As students make their way through the store and checkout procedures, they are offered various critical thinking tips. At the point of adding an item to the cart, students are asked to think about where it fits into their current financial situation. Do they have enough money? Have they taken care of their responsibilities? At checkout, students are safeguarded against overspending and instructed what to do if they do not have enough money.

Teacher Control

As with all our modules, the virtual store is controlled at the teacher level. As a teacher, you can decide what inventory is right for your classroom, prices and more. You also have control over when students can visit the virtual store by setting operating hours for your store.