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Let it snow

Snow Cloud Productions is a leading innovator in the EdTech sector. We specialize in giving students the skills they need to excel in life after school through immersive, hands-on learning.

All of our education platforms are cloud-based so the course materials can be accessed by teachers and students anytime and anywhere with their preferred web browser.

About let it snow

Our story

Snow Cloud’s lineage can be traced all the way back to 1974 with Ben Borden and then the founding of The Ben P. Borden Company in 1976. The Ben P. Borden Company was a sales agent for various vocational rehabilitation and technical education products. Firm owner, Ben Borden, acquired ownership of the Talent Assessment Program in 1980 and subsequently launch Talent Assessment, Inc. Talent Assessment has been a leader in special education and transition planning solutions.

Realizing that the education tools his company produced would be perfect as a cloud-based offering, and he thus reimagined The Ben P. Borden Company, TAI’s sister company, into Snow Cloud Productions in 2016. Snow Cloud would be for all abilities of career and transition education.

Our Story 1

Together with his daughter, Emily Borden (TAI’s President and now Snow Cloud’s President) and Lori Groos (Snow Cloud’s Vice President), Ben enjoyed tremendous success right out of the gate with Snow Cloud’s WayPoint platform, a solution that provided powerful career assessment tools in a fun and interactive, cloud-based environment.

Soon, Snow Cloud realized that its software could go beyond career assessment to offer a full range of life skills and independent living learning solutions, addressing a gap in today’s mainstream curriculum. After a robust development period, Snow Cloud’s trailblazing Replicated Reality solution was launched in March 2020.

Today, Snow Cloud continues to lead the way in the exciting EdTech sector. The company attributes its success to the incredible partnerships it has developed with schools and teachers, whose priceless feedback has informed the continuous improvement of the company’s portfolio of products. As a passionately inclusive company, Snow Cloud’s purpose is to make success beyond school a reality for everyone.


What on Earth is a Snow Cloud?

Our company name is inspired by the cloud-based solutions we develop, combined with an ironic allusion to our sunny Florida head office location. You’ll likely never see a snow-filled cloud down here in the south, but we hope you will see our solutions in classrooms across the US… and beyond.

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About philosophy

Our philosophy

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure they are getting the most out of the education platforms we develop.

We also invite an open line of communication with our program users and invite feedback so we can continue to refine and improve upon the platforms we offer.

About vision

Our company vision

To develop innovative tools that complement school curriculums and meet the educational and transitional needs of students everywhere.