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Your school board’s cloud with a shiny, silver lining

It has become a growing concern that students aren’t being equipped with all the right tools for life after school. They learn math but not how to properly manage their money. They’re asked to choose a career path but given scant direction on the path ideally suited to them.

Meanwhile, schools are being asked to shoulder new social responsibilities once assumed by parents. Our platforms make life-skills learning fun, friendly and practically turnkey. With Snow Cloud, you can embrace the future of learning, today.

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How we help school board administrators

Easy to use


Multi-school subscriptions offer exceptional value.

Made for fun

Supports your staff

Gives teachers turnkey tools to keep their students stay engaged and informed.

Supports cirriculum

Modernizes your curriculum

Enables students to get on board with the latest trend in education.

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Replicated reality

Students learn priceless life skills such as how to open a bank account, how to apply for a job, how to budget to buy a house and much, much more. 

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Replicated reality

Personality assessment

An ingenious program that gives students insights into their personality type and what career fields match best with their interests and intellect.

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Personality assessment

Career assessment

Students watch short, powerful videos on a variety of 100+ careers and learn what career choices they’re reacting most favorably toward.

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Career assessment


WayPoint system

A robust career assessment platform that harmonizes our VIP and PIC products.

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