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Career Center Hands-On Work Site

Replicated Reality | Career Center

Through Replicated Reality, we have envisioned a career center in each local school – even at the elementary level!  It’s never too early to promote career awareness and options!  Our career center package sets up a place where students can explore different career areas, take part in video interviewing, receive help with applications and resumes, and, with additional lab modules, try out different job skills.

Replicated Reality | Career Center | Student Resumes

Our goal with the career center is to give students a pressure-free space where they can explore their options in the community and the larger world. Career Center employees will be trained in basic employment processes, such as filling out applications, creating a basic resume, conducting an interview, and being interviewed.  These trained employees can then mentor other students and even conduct interviews for teachers.  Our package includes a video camera and tripod, so in-person interviews can be recorded for teacher review.

The career center can also be used as a club sign-up center for various school clubs like LEGO or Safety Patrol.  Participation in school clubs can easily work into our online jobs module, where students can earn a paycheck for participation – thus encouraging and rewarding extracurricular involvement. 

As part of our career center curriculum, we have also included tools and ideas to create a school-wide career day.  These tools include invitations for guest speakers to speak at your school about a variety of jobs and career paths, as part of a career day.  Hosting a career day is an excellent opportunity to create community connectedness as well as promote greater career awareness for your students.  It also provides an opportunity for your career center employees to shine as ambassadors of your school!

Advantages to Having a Local Career Center

Implementing a career center within the elementary environment can help promote a healthy view and awareness of a student’s future and potential.  By emphasizing career exploration as a priority, you allows students to consider their various options early.  When they are introduced to common vocabulary, processes, and interactions in employment, students are better prepared to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.  Advantages and benefits of prioritizing career awareness through a local career center include:

Career Tech Education
A career center will give older students the opportunity to work an on-site job, including an entire application and interview process. This experience offers valuable skill building and communication practice for students.  In addition to career center employees, the space will give students a place to explore career areas in age-appropriate ways. Between our brochures and curriculum, our lab components, and our tools for community involvement through Career Days or guest speakers, there is something for everyone.

Community Awareness
By exploring jobs and careers in the community, students gain awareness of various of options and perspectives.  Providing a deeper understanding of these jobs can help students realize the true inner workings of their community and the world around them.

Social Emotional Learning
Through the mentor-driven program of the career center employees, students engage in peer-to-peer interactions both in casual and professional settings.  Career center employees are trained in the soft skills of customer service as well as professional communication skills as interviewers.  All students are encouraged to self-reflect and identify interests, hobbies, and strengths that could lead to greater self-satisfaction, self-esteem,, self-advocacy, and decision-making abilities.

Personal Connections
Personal connections both in the school and in the community are encouraged through the career center.  Students can connect through and be inspired by interactions with peer mentors in the career center itself or through community interactions with guest speakers, community volunteers, and more.

Language Arts / Math / Social Studies – Additional Value to Existing Assignment
Career research can be an enriching addition to many academic assignments.  Our career center can provide information about a particular job through our “What’s it like?” series, or can enrich a math assignment by comparing salaries of various careers.  Whether it’s a report, community research, or math comparisons, the career center can provide an additional hands-on enrichment for your academic experience.

What's Included?

Our Career Center package includes everything you need to set up a simple career center.  As part of the initial purchase, we will even come to your site to help you get everything up and running smoothly!  The career center includes:

Custom Career Center Signage Including Your School Logo
With each center, you will have the option for a stand-up or hanging banner branded with your school logo to seamlessly integrate with your school.  These signs may help students identify this new service as well as encourage school spirit and a sense of ownership in the new school space.

Large Bulletin Board
This bulletin board provides adequate space for employment opportunity announcements custom to your school.  Employment opportunity could be club sign-ups, interest in any of the Replicated Reality on-site employment, or anything else that you might need.

Video Camera & Tripod
By implementing an interview space, you can introduce students to the concept of self-recording an interview response (following many of today’s remote trends), conduct and record student-to-student interviews (allowing students the experience on both sides of the table, recorded for teacher review), or conduct teacher-to-student interviews in a professional setting.  Career Center student employees will be trained for use of the video camera and tripod to offer assistance to any career center customer.

Basic Card Readers
Card readers allow employees to “clock-in” using their student IDs, as well as allows customers to scan for services. 

Career Center Educational Brochures
Eight high-quality glossy trifold brochures that include titles such as “What’s it Like to be a Teacher?”, “What’s it Like to be a Bus Driver?”, “What’s it Like to be a Social Media Influencer?”, “What is a Career?”, and “How to Fill Out a Job Application” can be great supplemental materials for the Replicated Reality curriculum.  Additional “What’s it Like” series will be continuously added for additional purchase.  By offering these brochures for both upper and lower elementary grades, there will be educational resources fit for all career center customers.

Brochure Displays
Simple counter brochure display stands will make set up and offering of the brochure resources easy and effective.  These eight-slot stands conveniently hold all brochures offered in the package, making them readily available to career center customers.