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Real-world education tools for real life

You want the best for your child. That’s why you’ve made the decision and honorable sacrifice to educate them at home instead of sending them to school.

And you’re determined to give them all the learning tools they need to enjoy a happy and successful life.

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3 reasons families love Replicated Reality



They’re learning and you’re not lecturing!



A turnkey platform you can use for all your child’s life stages



The more financial skills they learn, the better they’ll manage in life

Teaches them basic life skills

Our Replicated Reality platform addresses gaps in the curriculum to teach your child real-life skills. Like how to apply for a job, how to open a bank account, and even the ins and outs of purchasing a home. Offered on an easy-to-use online, cloud-based platform that provides a complete ecosystem of engaging applied learning.

Live action videos

Career education

For younger learners (K‑3), Replicated Reality kickstarts them with career awareness such as learning about work behaviors and participating in fun career fairs. For upper elementary students, they start learning job application and interview skills.

Middle and high school students learn how to perfect their job search process by honing their interview skills. The entire program is designed to make life after school less intimidating and more rewarding.

How it works

On-site work experiences

Our on-site work experiences give your child the ability to run their own services in Replicated Reality such as banking, mail delivery, retail stores and a career center which enables them to receive real work experience and training.

Assessment levels

Financial literacy

Financial literacy is a crucial skill that sets your child up for life. Replicated Reality enables them to gain a comfort level with a number of the financial skills adults use in their day-to-day lives. Subjects covered include online banking, payroll management, bill management, budgeting, goal-oriented savings, smart spending habits and how to conduct PIN-based debit transactions.

Summary report

Early wellness intervention

Replicated Reality also has a built-in daily vibe check and attendance tracking so your child can learn self-awareness, positive mood behaviors and de-escalation techniques. This allows you to help your child develop an emotional framework while learning the nuances of peer interaction.

Career paths

One smart Snow Cloud platform does it all

  • Banking module
  • Jobs module
  • Real estate module
  • Online store module
  • Virtual world builder
One smart platform

Setup and training

Our Replicated Reality platform has been continuously updated and refined over years of internal innovation and client feedback. The system is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, works with all modern browsers and we provide onsite setup and training to get your child learning these important life skills right away. Virtual training is also available and we provide technical support via phone, email or video if required.

Setup and training

Base subscriptions include

  • Teacher licenses
  • Student licenses
  • Student portal
  • Teacher portal
Base subscriptions include


Next-generation cloud-based education tools at an incredible value.

Annual subscription

Perfect for families with up to 5 children.

Plan includes:
1 teacher account and
5 student/co-teacher accounts

$215.50 /year

Monthly subscription

Perfect for families with up to 5 children.

Plan includes:
1 teacher account and
5 student/co-teacher accounts

$19.95 /month

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