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How to get additional funding for technology resources in your school

The US is facing a record $31+ trillion in national debt and schools are struggling to update their technology infrastructure. 

Explore grants to help prepare your children for the future!

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We’re living in an increasingly technology-driven economy that now spans the globe.

The technology tools our children have access to today in school can make a world of difference in preparing them for their future careers, whatever their career (because it’s more and more likely that the careers that technology doesn’t touch today will tomorrow). 

Ensuring our children are adequately tech-prepared also helps us compete on the global stage because other countries such as China are making big-time investments and it’s incumbent upon us to keep pace. We need our kids to lead the way when the world is ready for the next generation of Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Against this dire need to educate, prepare and compete, the United States is staring directly at a record $31+ trillion in national debt. Part of that debt relates to the CARES act, which included a $16 billion infusion into elementary and secondary schools in response to COVID-19. Those funds certainly helped make some much-needed improvements to our schools, but that book is now closed. Instead, public concern about federal spending is on the rise, with 57% of Americans stating that reducing the budget deficit should be the top priority for the president and Congress to address in 2023

Against this unfortunate backdrop, how are schools today supposed to update their technology infrastructure and ensure our kids are getting the hands-on skills they need to succeed tomorrow? One solution is to explore the various grants and government funding sources available to teachers, principals and school boards.

Additional Funding

Technology Funding Sources for Schools

Here are some of the funding sources we suggest you explore to help keep your students keep pace with innovation.

Avantor Foundation — The Avantor Foundation funds community-based organizations that teach science and technology to underserved high school students; and science labs in underserved schools, community colleges or smaller universities by providing support for equipment and/​or talent.

Corning Foundation – The Corning Foundation has placed particular emphasis on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. This aligns with Corning’s identity in research and technical innovation and addresses the needs of future workers. 

Lockheed Martin STEM Grants – The goal of the Lockheed Martin STEM Grant is to promote higher availability of a STEM-qualified, digital-ready workforce from more diverse backgrounds and grounded in ethics. The grant builds student interest and skills in engineering, computational science and cyber.

The NEA Foundation — The NEA Foundation wants to support educators in engaging students in project-based and deeper learning to support success and fulfillment in a changing world. Grant funds can be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, or technology.

SC Johnson Grants – SC Johnson Grants can be applied to programs that emphasize student academic achievement, with a focus on academic enrichment and advancement, such as early childhood education, K‑12, post-secondary, technical and vocational schools.

Sony Corporation of America Grants — Sony focuses the majority of its charitable giving on art, culture, technology and the environment, with a particular emphasis on education in each of those areas. The Company seeks to apply its financial, technological and human resources to the encouragement of the creative, artistic, technical and scientific skills required of tomorrow’s workforce.

Westinghouse Charitable Giving Program — The Westinghouse Charitable Giving Program provides grants towards education with a focus on STEM used to improve knowledge and literacy in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math among students, teachers and the general public.

Grants​.gov — The United States government also has an extremely helpful resource, Grants​.gov, that not only helps you search for grants but provides grant writing tips, the ins and outs of how to apply for grants and more.

Navigating the complex process of securing a grant can be tricky.

There may be many other technology-funding grants available to you not listed above so what you’re reading now should just be the start of your grant research journey. Use Google as your guide to search for additional grants by listing your community, district and state as part of your search and see what additional stones you can unearth. It will be worth the extra effort and any additional funding you can secure can make all the difference in helping your students go the extra mile.

Contact us today for additional insights into how you can apply for your grant and introduce Snow Cloud’s next-generation technologies into your classroom.

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