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Hands-On School Bank Branch
offers worksite experience

Replicated Reality | Local Bank Branch

The Replicated Reality Phase II will offer real-world banking, both online and in a local branch location.  Our online component allows students to log into their bank account and view their account balances and activity as well as transfer money between accounts, set up and track savings goals, and manage direct deposit allocations.  As a perfect supplement to the online banking functionality, the physical bank branch creates a variety of hands-on learning opportunities for students.

At the bank branch, students have the opportunity to become employees, either as bank tellers or managers.  As an employee, they can better understand the inner workings of a bank while gaining valuable experience with job awareness, career technical skills, communication, time management, and so much more.

Of course, not all students will be ready or will have the opportunity to work at the bank.  Students of all levels can learn vital consumer skills as a customer of the bank. Students can deposit or withdraw RR Dollars or access their bank accounts with the help of bank tellers using only their student ID and chosen PIN. 

The program is ultimately designed to create engaging, interactive experiences for students at all levels as they discover and build skills in financial literacy, math, community awareness, job exploration, and social and emotional learning.

Advantages of Having a Local Bank Branch

Opening a local school bank branch may seem like a lot of work.  But, with our Phase II base program package we offer our customers everything they would need to open the branch, train employees, and get the integrated system (both hands-on and online) up and going.  Some of the advantages and benefits of opening the branch are below:

Career Tech Education
A local school branch will give students the opportunity to experience an on-site job, including an entire application and interview process. This experience offers valuable opportunities to build basic career and communication skills.

Community Awareness
A local school branch offers students the opportunity to engage with a community institution, familiarizing them with the local bank branch and some of the services provided.

Financial Literacy Education
Interacting with the school branch allows students to explore ideas around money, including money management, setting and meeting savings goals, needs vs. wants in spending, budgeting, and more.  The hands-on experience introduces students to banks as a resource for safeguarding their money as well as a place they can go to ask questions and get financial advice. 
The branch also provides the opportunity to develop concrete math and money skills by interacting with different forms of currency, from paper and coins to checks and digital transactions.

Social Emotional Learning
Between working with others and providing customer service and financial mentoring, bank employees face a variety of workplace stressors. The local branch provides the environment, tools, and training to practice communication, professionalism (emotion regulation), in-person interaction with students outside their circle, and stress management.  Our curriculum and training for employees includes integrated mindful practice techniques to help students stay focused, in control, and ready for the next customer!

Personal Connections
There’s nothing like having your own personal banker!  The school branch offers opportunities for students to interact in a whole new way – whether it’s “running by the bank” at lunchtime or going on a class field trip to make weekly RR Dollar deposits.  As customers, students experience a new level of connection by seeing their peers as bankers and helpers in their school financial institution.

Money Lessons Made Safe
Having a fully comprehensive banking model allows students of all ages to learn money management and make financial decisions in a safe “replicated” environment.   Our program gives them a place to learn from both their successes and failures without any lasting negative impact on their futures.

What's Included?

Our Hands-On Local Bank package includes everything you need to set up a school branch.  As part of the initial purchase, we will even come to your site to help you get everything up and running smoothly!  

  • Custom Bank Signage Including Your School Logo
    With each branch, you will have the option for a stand-up or hanging banner branded with your school logo to seamlessly integrate with your school. These signs are sure to assist students in identifying the new school service you are offering as well as encourage school spirit and a sense of ownership to the new community space.
  • Basic Card Readers
    Our initial package includes 2 basic card readers that will slide student IDs, just like debit cards. Once the ID is read, students can enter their PIN for secure access to face-to-face financial transactions or a self-service kiosk for checking bank balances.
  • Tangible Money
    Replicated Reality offers simulated money in the form of paper bills as well as coins. The RR Dollars are created to mimic real money in all ways, including bill identification by providing denominations matching the current U.S. Treasury denominations (up to $100 bill). Our coins also simulate US coins in all denominations.


  • Cash Box
    Bankers will work out of the provided cash box when working their shift. Just like real bankers, they will practice counting the money at the beginning of their shift and counting again when “closing out” their drawer.
  • Bank Vault
    To safeguard the money, we provide a real “bank vault” – a dual combination and key locked safe that all money can be stored when not currently in use in the cash box.


  • Checkbook Covers
    Checkbook covers will keep students’ checks protected and organized.
  • Banking Education Brochures
    Eight high-quality glossy trifold brochures that include titles such as “What is a Bank?”, “What is a PIN and Why Do I Need It?”, “Identifying Money”, and “What is a Budget? 50/20/30 Budgeting” that will provide schools with supplemental materials to the Replicated Reality curriculum. By offering these brochures for both upper and lower elementary grades, there will be educational resources fit for all bank customers.
  • Brochure Displays
    Simple counter brochure display stands will make set up and display of the brochures easy and effective. These eight-slot stands conveniently hold all brochures offered in the package, making them readily available to bank customers.
  • Banking Forms
    Banking forms such as deposit and withdrawal slips, PIN change forms, direct deposit authorizations, checks, and new account forms will create real-world educational experiences within the school bank. For bank employees, we’ve the money counting forms to add an understanding of responsibility and accountability in the workplace.


  • Online Components
    • Branch interface for employees to complete daily operational tasks
    • Computer-based training modules for each job position
    • Time Clock
  • Lesson Plans and Curriculum
    • Middle School / High School: 18-week Curriculum for Career / Business Course focused on employment skills, personal finance / math, leadership, and communication aligned to national standards in academic, personal finance, and SEL areas.
    • Upper Elementary: 15-Lesson Curriculum and activities focused on employment skills, personal finance / math, leadership, and communication aligned to national standards in academic, personal finance, and SEL areas.
    • Young Learners: 15-Activity Curriculum focused on foundational work skills, money concepts and identification, and communication aligned to national standards in academic, personal finance, and SEL areas.

** As Phase II is still in development at this time, these elements are subject to to change.**