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Career Interest Assessment

Are you looking for career interest assessments that are more than simple pencil-and-paper inventories?  Look no further!

PIC Pathfinder is an affective domain interest inventory that measures a wide variety of career areas by allowing individuals to react to live action video depictions of real work situations.

A New Dimension In Interest Inventory Assessment
  • Identifies feelings about and interest in different types of work

    By focusing on students' affective learning domain, PIC identifies their response to unfamiliar work environments.

  • Correlates to Department of Labor Job Clusters

    Through correlating result with Job Clusters, we are able to match students with realistic vocational / technical careers.

  • Provides comprehensive summary reports

    Summary reports for each assessment provides valuable information on the results as well as information about all interest areas. Links to O*Net Online gives the opportunity for further exploration.
    See Sample Report

  • Audio - Visual Format

    Utilizes audio-visual formats rather than verbal statements to speak through 10-second high definition video clips of work environments.

  • Emphasizes Affective and Cognitive Domain

    Rather than relying on verbal process, PIC Pathfinder assesses within the affective and cognitive domains to give a new dimension in interest matching.

  • Inclusive of Non-Reading Populations

    The video-based nature allows for inclusion of non-readers and non-English speakers.

Individualized Assessment
  • Two Levels of Assessment Available

    PIC Pathfinder offers two levels of assessment with your subscription - Group One and Group Two. These levels can be chosen on an individual basis to ensure each student's experience is optimal for them.

  • Group One Assessment

    Group One Assessment is recommended for higher functioning students and includes 119 videos which are rated on a 5-point color-coded scale. Also included in this group are 11 stated interest question where cognitive response is recorded and matched to the affective response.

  • Group Two Assessment

    Group Two Assessment is recommended for higher functioning students and includes 119 videos which are rated on a 3-point color-coded scale.

  • Multiple Sessions

    Students are able to stop and resume assessments at anytime.

Career / Vocational Areas
Summary Report

PIC Pathfinder offers a comprehensive summary report that highlights:

*Available in GROUP 2 Reports only

Snow Cloud Productions | PIC Pathfinder | Sample Report
PIC Pathfinder Sample Report

The Perfect Tool for Career Interest and Exploration

Let PIC Pathfinder help you identify and guide your students' true career passions today!