Students of all levels can practice personal finance concepts like spending and saving,  managing income, and sound financial decision making. 
Phase II will introduce a curriculum aligned with national finance education standards for all ages and hands-on work experience through a student-run bank branch.

Custom online job boards and employment applications allow students to take part in the full employment cycle, including looking for a job, applying, interviewing, and working!
Coming Summer 2022, Phase II will offer four onsite student-run work opportunities, PLUS a functional career center where students can explore various careers and help each other with the employment process.

Our online banking system and built-in gamified reward platform provides the perfect cashless token economy for any classroom or school.
With the release of Phase II in 2022, additional SEL tools including a Vibe Check (Daily Check-In Mood Tracker), Digital Behavior Charts, and fun Daily challenges will be introduced to aid in early wellness, student self-awareness, and emotion regulation.

The goal of Replicated Reality is to provide the tools you need to integrate valuable real-world opportunities into all levels of classrooms.

Student Centered

The Replicated Reality platform was piloted in 2019 to a select group of schools and classrooms.  The tools included in this platform enabled teachers to creatively integrate money management, budgeting, employment processes, and bill paying into their transition and classroom curriculum.
As part of the pilot program, these schools offered great feedback and insight into the potential value and ease of use of the platform.

Pilot School Response
Overall Satisfaction 95%
Ease of Use 100%
Job Boards and Application Process 78%
Real Estate Module 84%
Banking Module 89%
Positive Value Add - All Modules 83%
Replicated Reality | Student Home

Replicated Reality provides an assortment of comprehensive tools to create an engaging environment full of practical and relevant life opportunities in your classroom, school, or district. Our flexible platform is ideal for students at all levels as a supplement to any curriculum with innovative practices that promote positive behavior and critical thinking for success in today’s world.  

K-12 Progression and Beyond

Features and Tools

Our comprehensive tools are designed to create and automate a variety of experiences for your students while bringing your classroom vision to life. By automating many of the processes, you can focus on teaching while the system handles payroll, billing and more.

Replicated Reality | Online Banking

Student Bank Accounts

Replicated Reality | Lease Application

Lease Application and Rental Tools

Replicated Reality | Employment Processes

Online Employment Processes

Replicated Reality | Bill Pay

Custom Bill Pay Center

Replicated Reality | Virtual Storefront

Built-In Reward System

With its many tools and processes, the Replicated Reality platform enhances and supports any Financial Literacy, Transition, or Classroom Management Curriculum to give you the tools to make it come alive in your classroom and school!  In Phase II, coming in 2022, we will be adding new features and tools that will convert it from a custom enhancement platform to an all-inclusive, turn-key curriculum with hands-on and digital tools. Subscribe below to keep an eye on this up-and-coming product!



In addition to the online platform released in Phase 1, we are bringing the program to a whole new level in Phase 2.  Development is well underway and release is expectd in Summer 2022, just in time for the 2022-2023 school year.  So GET READY!

New Look Based on
Version Choices

In Phase I, we introduced theming, allowing all individuals to choose the look and feel of their platform.  With Phase II, we are replacing theming with a customizable school-wide color palette, as well as portals based on the student’s assigned, age-appropriate version.

School ID Integration

Our hands-on components as well as our digital platform will integrate your school’s existing school IDs into the program.  An ID will work as a debit card for PIN-Based banking and retail transactions, an employee badge to clock in and out of work, and more.

Don’t have school IDs?  We can provide alternatives to enable your students to take advantage of these new Phase II features.

School ID Integration

Upon the release of Phase II, Replicated Reality will be offering everything your school needs to set up four different student-run worksites – from scanners and card readers to mailboxes and educational brochures.  The worksite options include a local bank branch, a post office, a career center, and a store.
With the worksite packages, you will also receive the software to run daily operations and computer-based training for all available jobs on the worksite.

Standards-Aligned Curriculum for All Grade Levels

We have been hard at work putting together a quality, standards-aligned curriculum focused on :

Standards-Aligned Curriculum for All Grade Levels

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