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Vocational Implications of Personality

Personality plays an important role in determining future success and satisfaction in the workplace. Increased self-awareness of personality can drastically improve a student’s understanding of which fields they may be best suited for.

The V.I.P. comprehensive cloud-based assessment identifies one’s distinct personality type and helps determine career paths for that individual to pursue.  It also develops awareness of interpersonal strengths as well as one’s working and learning styles.  

Are your students suited for their career choice?

Students choose careers based on a variety of motivators – most of which come from two direct areas of influence: expectancy and value.  Many students look with limited knowledge at a career field, believing they will enjoy it or that it will make them the right amount of money.

Oftentimes, students overlook the concept of suitability.  Are they truly suited for their choice?  When they go into a career that they are not intrinsically suited for, they already have a hurdle to overcome.

That’s where V.I.P. assessments come in.  V.I.P.  is an online assessment that can give your students insight into their own personalities, operational styles, and social dynamics.  Based on this information, V.I.P. then offers career options that will allow the student to shine! 

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